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Watersport Innovations Universal Boost Box

Watersport Innovations Universal Boost Box

The Boost Box turns the volume up when you pull a rider out of the water, and turns the volume down when you stop to pick-up the rider.

Perfect for wakeboarding, waterskiing, wakesurfing, or any other watersport activity where you are pulling riders.
You control the boat . . . the boat controls the volume:

You hit the throttle, the engine roars, the sound of the boat on the water starts to drown out the music.  Just as the boat begins to plane, the stereo automatically cranks up the volume so everyone can enjoy the tunes and watch the rider.  When the boat slows, the stereo automatically turns back down to normal levels.
The Boost Box is fully adjustable - depending on the day and crowd on the boat, go for a huge boost in volume to watch big-air tricks, or simply dial-up a small volume boost so you hear the tunes but still talk over the music.
No boat modifications necessary, and no need to wire into the boat’s speed or rpm signals.  The Boost Box continuously monitors the boat’s acceleration and deceleration with internal sensors.  Because the Boost Box works completely by monitoring signals from its internal sensors, it will work with any inboard, V-drive, or inboard/outboard boat.
The Boost Box sends remote control volume commands to your boat’s stereo. Dependingon the model, the Boost Box either sends wireless commands to the stereo’s infra-red (IR) receiver, or plugs into the back of your stereo.
WSI 1102Boost Box Wired Controller for Kenwood Marine Stereos
Compatible only with Kenwood MP-400R Marine Steroes.  Boost Box transmitter cable connects directly to the remote control port on the MP-400R.  Includes Y cable for additional remote controls.
WSI 1103  – Boost Box Wired Controller for Clarion Marine Stereos
Compatible with all Clarion marine stereos (some models may require adapter cable sold separately).  Includes the Clarion wired 5-pin control cable and the Y adapter for additional remotes, plus the self adhesive IR control cable which connects directly to the face of some Clarion marine stereos.  Tested and verified compatible with the following Clarion Stereos: CMD4, CMD5, CMD6, CMD7, CMD8, CMD9, M109, M303, M309, M502.  Other Clarion marine stereos need the 6-to-8 pin adapter cable
WSI 1105Boost Box Wired Controller for Sony Marine Stereos
Compatible with all Sony marine stereos.  Boost Box transmitter cable plugs directly into the back of all Sony Marine stereos, using the 3.5mm steering wheel  remote connection on the rear of the stereo.  The 1105 has been tested and verified with the following Sony
stereos:  DSX-M50BT, DSX-MS60, CDX-M20, CDX-M60, CDX-H910, CDX-M30, CDX-HS70, MEX-70BT.

WSI 1107 -  Compatible with all new Malibu TowboatsBoost Box Wired Controller for Rockford Fosgate Stereos
Connects directly to the remote control port on the Rockford Fosgate Black Box, or to the remote control port on the rear of other Rockford Fosgate head units.  Tested and verified compatible with the RFX6000-SX and RFX5000.
WSI 1109 - Boost Box Programmable IR Controller for Alpine, Sony, Clarion, Kenwood, JVC and Pioneer Stereos 
Compatible with all Alpine, Sony, Pioneer, JVC, Kenwood, and Clarion automotive and marine stereos that accept wireless IR remote control commands.  Uses the self-adhesive IR control cable to connect the boost box directly to the face of the stereo.  See installation instructions for pictures.

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