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Exile Speaker Pod Large Cruiser Mounting Block

Exile Speaker Pod Large Cruiser Mounting Block

  • The white KingStarboard 1/2-inch thick mounting block is constructed from a soft marine polymer that is easily angled or radiused to correct for any slanted or curved mounting surface.
  • This part requires the AL-EX-PLATE Exile speaker aluminum mounting flange and cannot be used independently (sold separately). Rabbeted holes conceal machine thread bolts, washers and nuts. Six mounting screws freely pass through.
  • KingStarboard is a marine polymer that is impervious to water, UV, salt or other marine elements.
  • Shaping instructions are available.

KingStarboard contour blocks are made from a marine polymer that is impervious to the elements including salt water and UV radiation. KingStarboard will not yellow or become brittle over time. Because KingStarboard is a soft polymer it is easy to contour to most any shape in order to fit an existing radius. Contour blocks can be used above or below the water line. Contour blocks can correct for angles in order to level a product.


A few of these applications include:

  • Adapting marine instrumentation brackets to curved and/or angled dash surfaces so that the display sits level and to eliminate any gap between a flat U bracket and a curved dash.
  • Adapting underwater light fixtures to a curved transom surface or correcting for an angle and even creating an angle to aim the lights.
  • Creating a speaker mounting flange or pad that corrects for an angled surface or adapts to a curved surface, whether a negative or positive radius or a combination of both. May even correct for compound angles.
  • Leveling an antenna or other fixture on a slanted or radiused radar arch or hardtop.
  • Contour blocks can be used with white marine silicon sealer (for white KingStarboard) or clear marine silicon sealer (for black KingStarboard) to provide a seemless transition or fill small gaps. White and black underwater poly sealants are recommended for under the waterline installations.

Shaping instructions are supplied with contour block products.

Weight 2.00 lbs
Price: $ 119.99
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