60-Amp 14-Gauge 4-Conductor Tower Light Harness Kit

60-Amp 14-Gauge 4-Conductor Tower Light Harness Kit

Harness Kit for halogen lights


After installing thousands of tower speakers and halogen lights, Earmark's experience ensures you'll get the correct parts, accessories and instructions to do the job right. Installations are too varied to trust the solutions presented by many on-line sellers who lack or have limited first-hand experience.

60-Amp 14-Gauge 4-Conductor Tower Light Harness Kit
Fits Bullet RF4 Rear Firing Halogen Light Bar and Bullet NeoBillet Combo Wing with Halogen lights.
Includes the following halogen specific items:
  • (2) 30-amp Bosch relays
  • (2) sockets/harnesses
  • (1) lexan fuse holder & 60 amp glass fuse
  • (2) 8-Gauge x 5/16" I.D. nickel-plated high current terminal lugs
  • (15) Ft. 8-Gauge power cable, battery direct
  • (15) Ft. 8-Gauge ground cable, battery direct
  • (20) Ft. 18-1 1-conductor power control lead
  • (20) Ft. 18-1 1-conductor ground control lead
  • (1) Ft. Extra heat shrink for 8-Gauge wire
  • (2) Ft. Extra heat shrink for 18-Gauge wire
  • (8) 18-Gauge crimp ring connectors with 1/8" hole
All Tower Harness Kits include the following items:
  • (4) Smaller 1/2" diameter chassis grommets
  • (8) Larger 3/4" diameter chassis grommets
  • 12" Smaller 1/2" diameter heat shrink tubing
  • 6" Larger 3/4" diameter heat shrink tubing
  • 36" Smaller 1/4" diameter flex loom
  • 54" Medium 13/32" diameter flex loom
  • 18" Larger 1/2" diameter flex loom

Tower harness kit accessories (grommets, heat shrink and flex loom) are universal and contain items that may not be used in all applications.


Earmark tower harnesses use jacketed multi-conductor cables with secondary interior insulation. 


Exterior and interior insulation thicknesses are optimized for manageable diameters specific to tower and arch applications.  These harnesses have a slick exterior jacket that is specifically designed for easy cable pulling through wakeboard towers and arches.  Various harnesses may use more than one jacketed cable in order to maintain flexibility, maintain ease of pulling cables and keep total harness diameters more manageable, which serves to minimize the diameter of tower penetrations. 


Exterior jackets may be removed to reduce the total harness diameter for service loops and deck cap loops and penetrations.  In this case, the interior insulation covering individual conductors is still preserved.


Plastic snap-in chassis grommets are used to keep the wire insulation from chafing against raw holes in aluminum or stainless steel towers.

How to determine the tower harness length needed :


  In advance, determine whether you are penetrating the deck cap on the port or starboard side.

  Measure from the farthest halogen light bar to the halogen switching & control relays.

  Wire paths will often be less direct than measured due to the actual wire path through the boat.

  The "Standard" 25' harness will accomodate most applications where the deck cap penetration is coming through at the front tower leg (please take concise measurements of your boat).

  Installations that necessitate bringing the harness through at the rear tower leg should select the "Long" 35' harness.

  An "Extra Long" 45' harness is for special applications and is rarely used. 

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