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Kicker KM Empty Enclosures

Kicker KM Empty Enclosures

Mounting powerful 6 ½-inch  and 4-inch KICKER speakers for external listening in marine and powersport applications just got easier with KICKER’s durable and weather-proof KM-Series Tower-Speaker Empty Enclosures.

The KM-Series Tower-Speaker Enclosures come in three models – one for dual sets of 6 ½-inch speakers, one for a single pair of 6 ½-inch speakers and one for 4-inch speakers, satisfying the listener’s need for different installation combinations. The enclosures were designed with a nine-degree axis rotation in either direction, allowing the speaker cans to be aimed in the most desirable location to deliver maximum sound quality. Slotted mounting holes accommodate different bolt patterns.

These tough ABS speaker enclosures include polyfill, mounting hardware, aluminum tower-pipe clamps (2-5/8-inch), and three sizes of mounting adapters for the most popular pipe diameters (2-1/4, 2-3/8, 2-1/2). KICKER also offers the KMTAP Tower Enclosure Adapter Pack (sold separately) for fitting several other pipe sizes.

With its bold cosmetics, the black-textured KM enclosures with contrasting accent details complement any KICKER’s 6 ½-inch/4-inch coaxial, component and marine speakers the listener chooses – these enclosures will house any of them. The stainless-steel speaker terminals provide quick and easy wire connections.
  • 3 models – one for dual sets of 6 ½-inch,  one for single sets of 6 ½-inch and one for a single pair of 4-inch
  • Tough ABS, weather-proof empty enclosures with slotted mounting holes for different bolt patterns
  • Enclosures feature a nine-degree axis rotation in either direction for aiming maximum sound quality
  • Comes with aluminum tower-pipe clamps (2-5/8") with three adapter sizes (2-¼", 2-3/8", 2-½")
  • Durable, stainless-steel push-type connectors
  • Includes mounting hardware and polyfill
  • KMTAP adapter pack (sold separately) fits additional pipe diameters
  • Accepts all KICKER 6-1/2-inch or 4-inch component speakers, coaxials and horns

*Starting at $149.99 for the 4-inch mini. Select your model from the dropdown below.

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